What happens when we request a quote?

We will assess your requirements and get in touch to confirm your details. We can then begin a discourse to fully understand your needs and how we can fulfill them.

What do you do with my information?

We use your information to better serve you. We keep your information secure and don’t pass it on to any third parties.

How do we pay you?

We invoice our clients at the end of each month with a 30 day window to pay us by bank transfer.

What are your hourly rates?

The pricing of our commercial services vary according to the specific task and the equipment and materials to be used. Our rates are very competitive.

Does your pricing range for different sized commercial areas?

Each contract we create is specific to the task. As a larger area will take longer to clean, we take this into consideration.

How quickly can you get our premises cleaned?

Our cleaning technicians are trained to work with urgency without compromising on quality of service.

Do you supply everything required?

Yes. We supply all materials and equipment that is required. We also supply consumables such as bin liners, hand soap, etc. which are billed within the monthly invoice.

What time do you get on site?

If you require your premises to be cleaned early in the morning or late in the evening, our flexible approach can adapt to your needs.

How often do you clean a site?

We tailor our services to our client’s needs. We have clients who require our attendance every day and others who ask us to be on site once or twice a week.

Are you fully insured?

Our insurance covers Public and Employers Liability.

Do you have a high staff turnover?

Our staff tend to stay with us for long periods, which is a reflection of our personal development schemes and in-house training. Some of our cleaning operatives have been with us ever since the company was set up.

How do we identify your staff members when they are present in our facility?

We wear uniforms and identification badges if required.

Will we always have the same cleaner?

We like to establish a good rapport between our staff and clients. We always work towards using the same cleaners for the entirety of each contract where possible.

Are all your staff vetted?

Yes. Our recruiting process covers employer’s references and eligibility to work in the UK. Our staff are also DBS checked.

Can you unlock/lock and alarm the building?

Yes. This is a service that our clients deem beneficial as we can continue with our service at any prearranged time.

Are we issued a cleaning contract?

Yes. Before starting on any contract with our clients, we write up and sign a contract.

Who will be my single point of contact?

Every contract is managed by one of our experienced cleaning mangers. You will be provided with their contact details at the start of a cleaning contract.

Do you have a guarantee?

If for any reason you are not happy with our services, we offer a free inspection of the site in order to solve any problems that may have arisen.

Are there any fabrics that you do not clean?

Our experienced technicians can clean most fabrics found in the majority of commercial facilities. As part of our cleaning process we offer dye and fabric tests to ensure the suitability of any material.

Can we contact you outside office hours in cases of emergency?

Certainly, we have an out of hours service where we can be contacted in case of an emergency.

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