Hard Floor Cleaning Service

At Spotless Commercial Cleaning we make every effort to bring an excellent and cost-effective hard floor cleaning service to surpass the expectations of even our most demanding commercial clients who rely on us to improve the appearance of their premises quickly and safely in a professional manner.

Our Plan For Your Hard Floors

We will generate a cleaning plan to cater for your particular needs and will work to a planned agenda that is suitable for you and your staff. Our Cleaning Manager will be responsible for overseeing the cleaning of your hard floors and will make regular site visits to inspect the work of our cleaners, they are contactable at any time and can meet with you at your convenience to discuss your current and future cleaning requirements.

Our Service Always Includes

  • Experienced, CoSHH trained, uniformed cleaning staff
  • All equipment and consumables
  • Health & Safety procedures as standard
  • Environmentally friendly work applications
  • Risk Assessments & Quality Control
  • Site Auditing & Inspection Process
carpet & hard floor cleaning

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Floor Cleaning Methods

  • Rotary Machines

    At Spotless Commercial Cleaning we use two different kinds of rotary hard floor cleaning machines: for scrubbing tasks we use machines with slower rotating speeds and faster rotating machines for floor polishing.

  • Scrubbing

    Removing impacted soil from hard floors can be achieved by using a suitable cleaning solution alongside a rotating machine. Once the cleaning solution has softened the soil, it can be removed with a brush or suitable pad.

  • Spray Cleaning

    This technique involves spraying a mist of buffing detergent over the desired area followed by the rotary machine which gives the floor a gloss finish. This is a great method which we use to maintain both unpolished and polished floors.

  • Buffing

    We buff up floors recently treated with an emulsion, wax or seal finish with our faster range of rotary machines that have a soft grade abrasive pad which leaves a gloss film on the hard floor.

  • Bonnet Mopping : Carpet

    The bonnets we use are highly effective for cleaning carpets. For best results we begin by vacuuming and pre-spraying any heavy soiling. The bonnet mop is pre-soaked in an appropriate detergent and wrung out before the buffing.

  • Bonnet Mopping: Hard Floors

    For the best hard floor cleaning results, we attach dry bonnets to our rotary machines before feeding through a cleaning solution in order to manage the amount of solution to be used so that the floor can air dry within three minutes.

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